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ISO 14001 registered firm

Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Assurance

Coltman being a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered company is committed to providing customer satisfaction by establishing methods and procedures that consistently produce quality products.

quality control

Quality Control

Coltman’s commitment to customer satisfaction not only means working to established methods and procedures, but also involves close monitoring to ensure that these methods and procedures are consistently producing quality products. To carry out this monitoring we have invested considerable, time, training and resources into developing our Quality Control Department.


Our QC Department consists of a fully trained, experienced and resourced team of QC Technicians who are committed to ensure that all products comply with the manufacturing details shown on production drawings and schedules.

In addition to routine visual and dimensional inspection, QC also carries out scheduled material and structural testing. All data collected by QC is recorded and made accessible to the Production Department where it is used to determine what actions are necessary to ensure quality out-put.

Environmental Information

Coltman Precast Concrete Limited has a certified Environmental Management System to BS EN ISO 14001.
It is the environmental policy and the overall business objective of Coltman Precast Concrete Limited to provide services of the highest quality taking specific regard to environmental issues and the client’s requirements.

It is also an objective of Coltman to enhance its reputation and its environmental responsibilities in order to gain wider recognition in our field of expertise.

Coltman are committed to understanding the present and future needs of the environment. To this end Coltman strive to ensure that these needs and the expectations of our clients, together with our environmental obligations are realised.

This commitment is achieved by working to the procedures within our Environmental Management System’s manual. We ensure that all employees understand and adhere to the requirements of this policy.

Coltman will constantly monitor its environmental performance and will implement improvements where appropriate.

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