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Our product range is as wide as our experience in the industry.

Whilst it includes many standard units, much of our resource is devoted to the production of bespoke products for specialist projects. Our products have contributed to the success of many prestigious projects; multi-million pound city redevelopments, quality housing, civic cultural centres, premier sports arenas and stadiums.

At Coltman our quality is our strength and it goes from start to finish with every product we make.


Coltman prestressed concrete hollowcore floor and roof slabs comprise hollow and solid concrete flooring units, nominally 1200mm wide and of various depths placed side by side with a grouted joint.

Stairs & Landings

Coltman offer staircases to suit most combinations of architectural design, providing designers with greater opportunity to express themselves.


For those sports club and associations wanting to upgrade their stadium, Coltman can offer a complete terracing solution by providing raker beams, terrace units and vomitory walls.


In additional to our standard products, Coltman have experience in the production of bespoke products including Edge Beams, Ground Beams, Balconies & Concrete Lego Blocks. (Coltblox ©)