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Stairs & Landings

Coltman offer staircases to suit most combinations of architectural design, providing designers with greater opportunity to express themselves.

The system of production enables components, selected from the common range, to be provided most economically and special requirements can be accommodated to suit the individual needs of the designer.

Flights are generally available from standard moulds with a combination of tread and riser dimensions in any width.

Stairflights and landings generally are manufactured in high quality moulds which produce type A finish as described in clause 6.10.3 of BS8110. The finish produced is suitable for the direct application of vinyl tiles or carpet. Other grades of finish can be achieved, as required.

To discuss specific requirements in more detail please complete the Information Request Form.

Design Services

Our design team are highly experienced professionals, with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of industrial, commercial, domestic and leisure projects and applications.

Coltman’s Technical Department can assist you with your design and technical queries and our Contracts Department can help with planning to ensure that the site installation is carried out safely and efficiently.

At Coltman our quality is our strength and it goes from start to finish with every product we make.

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